Here is a list of the pledges I have signed up to ahead of the 2019 General Election:

Remain’s Labour pledge committing to campaign to Remain in the EU in any confirmatory referendum.

Open Doors’s campaign committing to three key actions:

  • Be equipped: If elected, attend Open Doors’ World Watch List launch in Parliament on 15 January 2020
  • Support the envoy: Encourage the government to reappoint and resource the Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief
  • Take Action: Encourage the government to implement the recommendations of the FCO’s report on religious persecution.

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Manifesto for Muscles pledges:

  • To maintain the UK’s position as a world leading centre for research excellence.
  • To overhaul the drug approval system for new treatments for rare conditions to ensure equal access to treatments across the UK which are safe and effective.
  • To strengthen and improve access to specialist NHS support which meets the needs of people living with muscle-wasting conditions.
  • To ensure people with muscle-wasting conditions can live independently by accessing support, facilities and amenities which they are entitled to.

Samaritans pledge to do everything I can to prevent suicide if elected. You can read Samaritans’ guide to how politicians can save lives here.

WaterAid‘s pledge to champion clean water and decent toilets for the world’s poorest communities.

Together for Short Lives, which is asking MPs to work to make sure, by the end of the next Parliament:

  • Seriously ill children can access the palliative care services they and their families need, when and where they need it, including out of hours and at weekends.
  • Children’s palliative care is funded equitably and sustainably by the NHS, local authorities and voluntary sector providers.
  • A workforce plan is in place to make sure seriously ill children can access professionals with the skills and experience needed to provide palliative care.
  • Assessments, plans and services are joined up for seriously ill children and their families across health, social care and education.
  • Seriously ill children receive the financial support they need from the benefits system.

Unicef‘s #TeamChildren campaign to protect every child’s right to survive and thrive.

ActionAid‘s pledge to protect women’s rights globally, by:

  • Protecting the UK government’s commitment to providing life-saving international aid through the world-renowned Department for International Development (DFID).
  • Spending our aid on poverty reduction, gender equality and sustainable development, and continuing to work with women’s rights organisations.
  • Enabling the UK to champion women workers’ rights, by ratifying the International Labour Convention 190 to end violence in the workplace.

Marie Curie‘s pledge to support fairer access to care and benefits for terminally ill people in the UK.

  • Scrap the six-month rule that obstructs terminally ill people from gaining access to benefits unless they can prove they only have six months left to live.
  • Offer free personal care to everyone with a terminal illness, regardless of their age or finances.

Carers UK pledge to show support for the over 6.5 million unpaid carers, which is prioritising:

  • Our social care system is near breaking point – for too long unpaid carers have been holding the system together. Providing care worth £132bn each year – that is equivalent to a second NHS. The next Government must provide immediate funding for social care, develop a sustainable funding solution for the long term, put carers at the heart of a reformed system and ensure that the NHS recognises carers and their role.
  • It is simply not right that carers struggle financially because of their caring role – yet a shocking 1.2 million carers are living in poverty. Two thirds of carers providing substantial care, pay towards the cost of care for their loved one. As a result of the financial strain many are unable to plan for their own futures. The next Government must raise the level of Carer’s Allowance and associated benefits, amd support carers to plan for their retirement.
  • 5 million people now combine paid work and caring, but it can be a huge challenge and impossible one without support. Every day 600 people have to leave work in order to care. The next Government must introduce paid care leave, promote flexible working, and help carers return to work.

School cuts campaign pledging to stop school cuts

  1. Reverse cuts to per-pupil funding suffered since 2015 for every school:
    • This means ensuring that every school is guaranteed at least the same amount of money per pupil, in real terms, as they had in 2015.
  1. Guarantee new money from the Treasury to reverse the cuts:
    • The money to reverse school cuts must be genuinely new money from the Treasury. It cannot be funds taken away from other areas of education spending.
  1. Restore funding to all ages and needs, including early years, SEND and post-16:
    • A real funding solution for schools should see every child through their education, from early years to college. Funding must be restored for high needs, early years pupils and post-16 students, who have suffered even bigger cuts since 2015.
  1. Provide a ten-year funding plan so schools can plan for the long-term:
    • Schools need to be able to plan for the future. Headteachers and governors need to know what they can expect in their budgets over the long-term. Funding must be announced and guaranteed for the next ten years.
  1. Address historic underfunding by levelling up all areas of the country:
    • Schools in historically underfunded areas must be levelled up in line with better funded areas. Fair funding won’t be achieved by taking money away from some schools to give to others. There must be adequate funding for every pupil, wherever they live.
  1. Fully fund new commitments such as pay rises and other new costs:
    • Any new funding commitments should be fully funded by new money from the Treasury, not from other areas of education spending or by schools and colleges having to make cuts to cover new costs.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England commitment to a working world where mental health is supported and protected | I’ve joined hundreds of employers, councillors and politicians in signing the #WheresYourHeadAt Workplace Manifesto – a vision for a mentally healthier working world #GeneralElection2019

AGE UK‘s General Election manifesto where they ask Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to commit to:

  • Fixing our broken social care system
  • Saving the free TV licence for all over 75s.

Cycling UK’s pledge for new investment in cycling and walking, to at least 5% of transport spending next year, rising to at least 10% within five years.

Frack Free United’s pledge to actively oppose fracking.

UK Green Building Council’s call for the Government to ensure that:

  • By 2030 all new buildings are net zero carbon for regulated and unregulated energy, based on their in-use performance.
  • A national infrastructure programme is put in place to improve all existing homes to EPC Band C and all non-domestic buildings to EPC Band B by 2035.
  • By 2030 all buildings and infrastructure are required, throughout their lifetime, to be climate resilient and maximise environmental net gains through the prioritisation of nature-based solutions.
  • It maximises its role as a procurer of goods, works and services to drive positive social and environmental outcomes.
  • Environmental protections and climate policies are as strong as – or stronger than – they are today.

End Fuel Poverty’s four policy pledges to end the scourge of fuel poverty in this country:

  • Declare energy efficiency and eliminating fuel poverty a national infrastructure priority;
  • Take immediate action to improve the standards of rented homes;
  • Reform the domestic energy supply market;
  • End the Benefits Freeze and address the chronic scale of unclaimed benefits.

The Future Generations pledge to use my voice, and my vote, to:

  • ACT TODAY FOR TOMORROW – Working to prevent problems, including the climate crisis and poverty, from happening instead of dealing in short-term, political emergencies.
  • RESPECT THE NEEDS OF FUTURE GENERATIONS – Taking their needs into account in new policies, budgets and laws, giving them a seat at the table.
  • BACK THE FUTURE GENERATIONS BILL – Delivering a new, sustainable vision for the nation that prioritises the environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing of current and future generations.

Animal Aid’s pledges to:

  • Implement a ban on cages for all farmed animals, including game birds;
  • Ban the use of the whip for ‘encouragement’ in horse racing;
  • Ban the use of animals in warfare experiments;
  • Reverse the decision to make the rescue and release of grey squirrels illegal from December.

Compassion in World Farming’s pledges to support:

  • A Bill in the new Parliament that will ban the live export of farm animals from the UK for fattening and slaughter.
  • Policies that ensure an end to the use of cage systems for all farm animals on UK farms, particularly hens and pigs.
  • Policies ensuring the UK cannot conclude any new trade agreement permitting the import of products produced to welfare standards lower than those required by UK law.
  • The introduction of farm support payments, upon the UK exiting the EU, that incentivise farmers to meet genuinely higher animal welfare and environmental standards.
  • The introduction in the UK of mandatory labelling of meat and dairy products as to the farming method to ensure consumers are not kept in the dark on animal welfare and can play their part in driving animal welfare improvements.
  • Supporting or introducing legislation in the next Parliament that will recognise animals as sentient beings.
  • Implementing the EU restrictions on farm antibiotic use in full, whatever the outcome of Brexit.

WWF’s call to take urgent action to tackle the nature and climate crisis, by:

  • Putting nature on the path to recovery;
  • Ending our contribution to climate change;
  • Stopping deforestation in our food;
  • Pioneering an economic and financial system that works for people and planet;
  • Driving global ambition to respond to the planetary emergency.

Sustain’s manifesto to create a Better Food Britain, by:

  • Pursue the Brexit agenda in a way that minimises the impact on our food, farmers and fishers
  • Support sustainable farming and food producers
  • Commit to net-zero emissions from farming and land use, and to restoring nature
  • Restore the marine environment and sustainable fishing livelihoods
  • Cultivate a sustainable local food economy and jobs
  • Commit to ending hunger and guarantee everyone’s right to food
  • Champion children’s food and health
  • Require all government and public sector food to be healthy and sustainable
  • Require food safety, standards and clear labelling
  • Ensure good food governance

To Keep Britain Tidy, I’m backing their manifesto to create a cleaner and greener country – their ideas include:

  • A world-leading Environment Act, supported by an independent Office of Environmental Protection;
  • An ambitious national recycling target, including the introduction an all-in Deposit Return System for drinks containers;
  • A plan of action to eradicate fly-tipping and extend producer responsibility to cover fast food, snack and confectionery packaging;
  • A statutory duty to protect and improve our parks for future generations, plus support for all schools to achieve Eco-School Green Flag status.

The Trussell Trust’s call for a future where no one needs a food bank, by:

  • Ending the five week wait for Universal Credit;
  • Making sure benefit payments cover the cost of living;
  • Investing in local emergency support for people in crisis.

Marine Conservation’s Ocean Manifesto pledges to:

  • Reduce ad Recycle Plastic: ban the loss of microplastics into the environment during the manufacturing and recycling processes, introduce an all-inclusive deposit return scheme for drinks containers, and introduce extended producer responsibility so that manufacturers are responsible for the total disposal and recycling costs of their products.
  • Protect UK and Overseas Territories: designate new Highly Protected Marine Areas to cover at least 10% of UK waters by 2023; commit to a substantial increase in UK Overseas Territories funding to ensure we protect these vital ecosystems; ban damaging activities from all UK Marine Protected Areas.
  • Support Sustainable Fishing: implement measures to help vessels account for what they catch; legislation to ensure no fishing above scientifically recommended sustainable levels; support the roll out of CCTV cameras on vessels to record catches.
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